The Grey Wolves - Freeware expansion pack for Ubisoft's 'Silent Hunter'


GWX3 GOLD All-in-one installer for Silent Hunter 3

The all-in-one installer includes all the content from previous versions of GWX, plus new features and fixes. The installer is available as a multi-part download. Total download size: 1.33 GB.

  • MULTI-PART download

    Download GWX3 Gold (Jimbuna's FileFront page - includes a Torrent download option)
    (link updated 10/10/2011)

Additional download location

Jimbuna's Mediafire links

(added 05-Jan-2013)

Installing GWX3 GOLD

You can read installation instructions and FAQs in the Support section.

MD5 Codes for the GWX3 GOLD file download

We recommend that you verify that each of the files is free of errors. Use the following MD5 codes with JScones' MD5Mate software.

File name:MD5 verification code:

GWX3 GOLD Manual: standalone download

The Manual is included in the above GWX GOLD installer, but you may download it separately here:

Total download size: 25.36 MB

GWX3 GOLD Config Files for SH3 Commander

An easy-to-use installer for the Cfg files needed to run JScones' SH3 Commander (version 3.2) with GWX3 GOLD:

Total download size: 0.3 MB